6 Ways To Buy Subscribers On Youtube

Do you want to be a Youtuber? And you want to be now. Yes? Well, then this article is going to be cool for you because I’m going to tell you some ways to buy subscribers on YouTube that you can use right now.

Make Contests Or Raffles For Your Subscribers On Youtube

Buy Youtube subscribers
Buy subscribers on YouTube

Mobilize the followers you already have and win new subscribers with a contest or giveaway. Ask them for some action in exchange for participating and you will have an active community, on the move. You win, they win XD.

I myself did the Youtuber Pack Giveaway and got 20,000 subs in 1 month. YES MAN, YES, 20,000 SUBS, OK?! What Romu says works kid!

If you participate you can WIN a very cool YouTuber pack that includes…

  • A professional reflex camera!
  • A micro RODE for your new reflex camera!
  • One hour of video montage training!

If You Don’t Do Something Unique, Do It Differently

Stand out for something, do things differently from what the rest does or you will go unnoticed.

Ok, it is true that there are already YouTubers talking about practically everything, but if you really want to gain subscribers on YouTube, work on it and start calling attention to something in particular. Even if you talk about the same thing as other people, do it differently and look for something that can identify you.

You can be the loudest, the one who shits on everything, the one who plays with humor or makes rhymes, the one who comes out in disguise, the one who never shows his face but has an imposing voice.

Spin the jar and find that touch that will allow you to stand out. Do you want an extreme example?

Make Playlists About Famous Youtubers (And Insert A Video Of Yours Into It)

People love lists. Take advantage of it to create videos with playlists of attractive themes. On YouTube it is a format that works like a charm, that is positioned very well, and that only requires a little research, compilation, and organization work.

A very important bonus track within this same point to hit it more.

Create, for example, a playlist about the best videos of the most powerful YouTubers. And among the list drop one of yours.

Pure brand association! Many people will discover you and follow you thanks to this trick.

Creates Controversy: The YoutuberSalseo

Being controversial, messing with other YouTubers, etc., is one of the most effective ways to attract attention on YouTube.

In fact, this already has its own name and channel: YouTuber salseo. It was created by a young Valencian who, at the beginning of 2015, seeing that YouTubers were becoming true “celebrities”, at the level of singers, actors, or footballers, decided to bring together all the “gossip” and fights in one place of this world.

Criticizing everything that moves and even exposing his (notorious) love breakups have earned him as many animosities as followers, who already number in the millions in a meteoric “career”. Here it is in action:

Tune The Home Of Your Youtube Channel

Make up the homepage of your channel to draw attention and mark your style. Include a header with attractive colors, suggestive images, your best videos, etc. It will give your channel a more professional look, differentiate you from others, and help you create a brand, with which you will end up gaining followers.

Do everything you can think of that will serve to attract people’s attention and not cause indifference.

Youtube Tags: Your Competition Will Make You Famous

On YouTube, as on the Internet, and in life in general, it’s about always trying to be the smartest in the class. When it comes to putting the labels on your videos, do not put them like someone who makes the shopping list. To hone in, spy on your competition.

There is a Chrome extension called Tags for Youtube that you install and it shows you directly the tags that each YouTube video has. Look at the videos that appear in the first positions of your keyword, identify with this tool what their tags are, and put them on your video.