How To Improve Your Youtube Channel

We all know that video is the format chosen in this social network, and one of the advantages of this is the ease with which it reaches thousands of people, so content marketing related to it has to think about this format and its development before even its creation. Through this article, we give you the keys to increase your presence on YouTube and thus obtain more visits, subscribers and potential customers. The first thing you have to do is optimize your YouTube channel: make people find you more easily, show your brand perfectly and share the most relevant content.

Your profile, which is as complete as possible: it seems logical, but we must not forget that our profile is our hallmark, where we show and present our brand. Add all your active Social Media accounts, complete an attractive description about your channel and facilitate communication channels. The main image can be used to show promotions, discounts or new releases.

Create interesting content: a YouTube channel must be entertaining and offer attractive and quality content. If you sell physical products, you can show how they are used, how to maintain them, how to clean them or the advantage of having them. In case you offer services, you can explain their benefits or show related case studies. If you do not know what content to use, a different way to create a video is through trends, what is most commented, and what people like most at a given time.

Create a custom thumbnail for your video: viewers tend to visual. Therefore, it is important that you provide an interesting image to the thumbnail of the video itself. Thus, YouTube users are more likely to click on your video instead of a competitor’s video. In addition, it is advisable to write an interesting title with keywords, but that is below 50 characters since it is the maximum amount shown. To this, we must add a key description of about 300 to 500 words so that YouTube understands better what it is about and can classify it in searches.

Sort and optimize the content: when a new viewer lands on your channel, it should be easy for him to understand what kind of videos he produces and find the ones that interest him. To facilitate this task, you can sort your videos and create playlists. It is also advisable to show the most viewed categories on the main page of your channel by configuring its sections.

Publish regularly: in the beginning, publish 5 to 10 videos on your channel so that it does not seem too “empty”. Then, a couple of new videos a month is a good number to keep your channel active.

Offers quality: the quality of the image and sound has improved considerably in recent times. Start producing high-quality videos with a simple camera that is capable of recording in Full HD and update it as you gain public.

Interact with your audience: of course, the whole process is not limited to uploading videos to the platform and expecting to have more presence “out of the blue”. Viewers will leave comments or questions on your YouTube videos. Listen to your audience: use the comments to improve your videos and show them that you value their opinion. The answer, interact and don’t abandon them. Think that some potential customers may have only one question they need to solve before buying your product or service.

Share the content with customers: the easiest way to promote your channel and your videos, if you are new to YouTube, is to share it with people who already know your products and services. From the moment they know you or your company, they are much more likely to share videos with other people.

Use other social networks and platforms: another popular way to promote your videos is social networks. You can do it on Facebook groups, on Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and other platforms. The blog or a landing page is highly recommended places to share externally this type of YouTube videos belonging to your company.

Invest in promoting your videos: if your company can afford it, invest in your videos to be more watched. Before, it is recommended that you use measurement tools to better focus your investment. YouTube Analytics offers an interactive reporting system, with revenue, viewing time and participation reports.

Make sure the videos benefit your business: direct your followers to your sales funnel. Finish your videos with a call to action; This can be a call to action on YouTube, (“Subscribe”) or comments on the video, although you can also ask viewers to visit your website or download an e-book of your harvest. You can also get many clicks with the overlay ads (above the video).

Collaborate with other YouTubers and businesses: a good way to grow your channel is to collaborate with other users. You can create special videos together, and you can both promote the videos to the audience of the other.

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