Mega Tricks For The Description Of Your Videos

Yes, the description of your videos must be original, and fun, and that it is not duplicate content, blah, but let’s go with the tricks:

It is important to include the link to your channel subscription in the descriptions of your videos, but BEWARE, do it within the first 150 characters, or what is the same, in the first sentence. Why? Because this way it will not be hidden in the text area and it will be seen without the need to click on the “show more” button. Make it easy on people, man! With that, you also win.

Pssst! another little trick that I’m seeing some rascal Youtubers, put emojis in the type of the description, which attract a lot of attention, and in this way, you will increase your clicks.

Collaborate With Other Youtubers

It is very common in this world. I appear in your video, you in mine, and so we “exchange” followers.

This form of promotion works, but do not try to do it right away with the biggest ones because you will not get it unless it is your cousin. If you are a “small” YouTuber, try it with someone your size or maybe medium. And as you get older, you can aim higher.

There are a thousand ways to collaborate with other YouTubers: interview them, ask for their opinion, send them a gift asking them to mention you… I don’t know, be original! Without going any further Jacksepticeye, who now has 15 MILLION SUBS, began to grow thanks to a mention of Pewdiepie. In this video, he explains how he felt after the mention

Pay Attention To Trends And Other Nonsense

People who use YouTube usually like to be up to date, so paying attention to “trends”, and not only what is happening in your country but especially what is being done abroad, can inspire you. for your videos.

And remember that he who gives first gives twice. You see that the Mannequin Challenge is becoming fashionable in the United States, be the first to talk about it -and why not, also do it- in Spain.

If you are not the first, nothing happens either, you can mark a compilation of the best. figure it out!

Repeat Your Name Like A Parrot

To get subscribers on YouTube your name has to sound. And for that, you have to start by getting tired even of hearing you say it. Introduce yourself in each video as if it were the first.

Do not assume that even if you have followers, everyone knows you. Always start your videos remembering who you are or making your name appear visually. Or both. And outside the video, include your signature at the end of the description.

You kill two birds with one stone if you add the subscription link next to it.