What Is Audience Retention And Why Does It Help Us To Get Subscribers On Youtube?

Audience retention is the percentage of the video that people watch. If you post a two-minute video and people only watch one minute of that video, your retention is 50%.

The higher it is, the more visits you will get because the more the search engine will show it. And visits on YouTube are usually synonymous with more subscribers.

Encourage Participation In Your Videos And Encourage Your Community

Just as important is that you try to encourage participation in the conversations from the video itself: ask people direct questions so that they leave comments by answering below (YouTube likes people to participate), give a “like” to the video if the content seemed good to them, and remind them that if they become subscribers to your channel and activate notifications, they will never miss one of your videos again.

You will have to respond to all comments and also moderate the conversations if necessary.

A basic job of moderation and attention shows that you care about the people who interact with you on your channel.

When the creator takes the time to interact with their community, the audience participation is higher and you generate more fans. Even a simple like or emoji is enough sometimes.

Views, comments, and good ratings directly impact the ranking of your videos on the YouTube results page… and Google. With which it compensates for the effort to achieve good participation.

Optimize Your Video Highlights

You can also optimize your video highlights and the ways they appear on your cover.

Here your job will be to try to show the best content or at least the ones that usually generate more responses or more clicks among the people who visit you.

Use the statistics because there you will see the traffic that is generated thanks to the searches on YouTube and the videos that give you the best results.

It is likely that following this same editorial line you will be able to increase the number of visits. Put those videos in playlists on the main page of the channel.

Increase Your Video Views

Use the “end screen” feature to link to the next video. If you can get a person to watch more than one video, they are very likely to subscribe.

There are 10-20 seconds at the end of your video to include an end screen. Include the title of the next video in the thumbnail, to encourage the viewer to click on the topic.

If a video motivates the viewer to watch more, it will rank higher on YouTube (and therefore on Google).

If you are developing a series of videos, for example, on Instagram, and you have 7 recordings, it is interesting that at the end of each one you put a link to the next video, so that internal navigation is generated on YouTube and you have a clear call to the action to continue browsing and watching the rest of your videos.

The result will be a noticeable improvement in the reproductions of the set of videos of the entire series.

Integrate The Channel Into The Rest Of Your Content

YouTube also allows you to broadcast on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram from the video uploader itself.

It is something that you can activate at once from your channel. But do not forget to create an expectation in networks. Notify when you have published and posted several times (especially on Twitter, which is a content devourer) that you have published content on the channel.

It seems obvious but doesn’t forget either that your blog is a great source of reproductions.

25% of the reproductions of our channel come from the blog. Embed your videos in your blog posts, this will increase the views of the videos and also the time spent on your blog page, which is one of the factors that Google takes into account to position the posts.

Lifelong Networking

Another idea that you can carry out to promote your channel is to comment on videos of other people on your topic. Don’t do it trying to do promotion. There is nothing more hated than “I leave my channel here in case you are interested”, but rather always making valuable contributions to the conversation. Choose videos that are recent and popular, as this way you can send traffic to your channel.