Why Is It So Important To Have Quality Subscribers?

A quality subscriber is someone who really follows your topic with interest and trusts you.

These people are the ones who will share your videos, make comments and, in short, get your channel to grow on its own, reaching a threshold, the famous snowball effect that, on the Internet, is produced in a particularly intense way when it happens.

What differentiates a good subscriber from a bad one?

The other passive subscribers will simply be there, increasing the number of subscribers that the cover of your channel shows, but beyond that, they will not contribute anything to you.

The thing is even clearer if we go to the economic effects. If you would like, apart from having fun, to generate income with your channel, again, this income will come almost exclusively from your most engaged subscribers.


I give you examples of different ways of monetization to see it:

  • If you recommend products using affiliate links to the websites of those products (which will generate commissions on purchases), for the most part, those who will pay attention to your recommendations will be the subscribers who trust you. So much so, that there are even very grateful people willing to return the favor by using your affiliate links.
  • If we take the previous example to the field of own products (typically an online course, for example), the behavior will be, again, very similar. Since they trust you they want your course, not the competition’s course and, again, they will be happy to reward you for your work by paying you for it.

For this reason, a channel with a community of 1,000 subscribers with whom you are very connected ( “engagement” ) is much more powerful than one with 10,000 who do not even know why they have subscribed.

Always keep this perspective in mind and do not get obsessed or impatient with the absolute number of subscribers.

The famous first 4000 hours of viewing

An exception to what I just mentioned is the famous 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers that Google requires if you want to monetize your videos with YouTube ads ( AdSense ads ).

Here, capturing subscribers becomes a question of numbers and you can benefit from rapid growth strategies such as this very ingenious one that you can see in this video:

But beware, do not forget that the subscribers that they will generate for you, normally will not interest you too much. Consider this nothing more than a trick to overcome a concrete situation where it’s all about numbers.