Work And Publish Daily Videos To Increase Your Subs On Youtube

Are you wondering how to get followers on YouTube, but you don’t work on your channel every day? If you look closely, you will see that almost all YouTube influencers are faithful to the daily appointment with their followers. Some publish up to two videos in a day. It is proven that publishing daily is equivalent to gaining subscribers.

Your followers will receive notifications every time you have uploaded a video. Get them in the habit of visiting you every day. You can even let them know what time you usually post, so they can take your “schedule” into account.

You will see that YouTube “pampers” you more, giving you greater reach, if you feed it every day. So, you know… Let’s suck on the camera!

Go at your own pace but try to release a video every day to start having a certain presence and relevance. Some time ago I decided to make a video a day and I already have it as a task in which I cannot fail. In the end, you bite yourself XD.

Thumbnails Will Give You The Glory!

The first impression always counts. Well, in your videos, too. It serves as data that 90% of the most popular videos on YouTube have personalized thumbnails instead of leaving the ones selected by the program by default.

Do not hesitate and select a powerful image as the “mask” of your video, since it is a decisive factor when the user clicks to see it or not.

A fairly effective trick is to include in that image, whenever it lends itself (and if not, then force it and try it), some attractive and scantily clad girl. With men it also works, but less. Let’s not raise our hands to our heads: the image sells. Put something provocative, and not only in the sexual aspect, and you will succeed. It increases the click rate a lot

“All the deaths of Sharknado 1 and 2” seemed a priori quite easy content to spread, given the popular success of that crappy movie saga. On the first day, the sad number of only 200 reproductions. He left me a tweet saying what he could do and I told him to put a thumbnail with a scantily clad girl (sorry girls, I don’t make the rules, I just analyze and apply), they listened to me and changed the image to another of Tara Reid in a bikini.

Use Cards And Final Screens

Cards are notifications used to promote your brand and other videos on your channel. They’re cool because they let users click directly on them and, if they don’t feel like it, they disappear, and so are my friends.

On the other hand, the end screen allows you to direct your audience to your next video when the current one is ending or invite them directly to subscribe to your channel.

Both things are very effective and increase the click rate if they are combined with a call to action that you can do verbally at the same time in the video.

Put An Extra Bonus, Fake Shots Or Surprise At The End Of Your Videos

YouTube’s positioning algorithm rewards that people see your videos in full. And for people to consume them whole, your videos have to be digestible. This does not necessarily mean making them very short, since the duration depends a lot on the topic you are dealing with. But they have to be interesting in their entirety, with nothing to fill time to fill.

A good way to achieve this is to get your followers used to the fact that at the end of your videos you always put a surprise in the form of fake shots or humorous winks.

Oddly enough, this bonus builds loyalty among your audience and can make you gain followers on YouTube, since seeing yourself in a casual context “off camera” is something that people usually like a lot.

Make A Trailer Or A Cool Welcome Intro

Making a cool intro that introduces you and shows what you are going to offer on your channel takes a bit of work if you want to do it right, but trusts me, it’s worth it. It generates a brand, it makes people come back and your image is embedded in their brains.

Once you have it done, you can set it so that it appears in autoplay on your channel -most do- and so whoever visits you can “know” you quickly. In addition to creating a brand, it will help your users stay longer, which helps you with positioning, increases the chances that they will see other videos of yours, and that they will end up subscribing.